Friday, September 28, 2007

Men in Hats

For the time being, I shall stick this post at the top of my blog, not only because I like it, but also because new photos will be added to the slideshow ongoing. So take a peek every couple of weeks or so to see new faces. Maybe you will have been added to my (charming) Rogues' Gallery. Check for new posts behind this one too - I actually do write new stuff from time to time. Thanks for reading!

Most of my friends are used to me obnoxiously poking a camera in their faces when they least expect it. And many of my friends are performers who are quite willing to perform for my lens. So, one day, I was sitting in a chair outside my favourite coffee shop when it struck me that the men sitting in a row on the brick planter opposite me were each wearing some form of unique headgear. Inspiration! Thus was born "Men in Hats".

What began as an interesting thought has progressed to obsession. I am now accosting complete strangers in the street and asking if I may take their pictures. So far, only one man has refused me, and he is someone that I do know. The rest ask me where they should stand and how they should pose, and beam away like Cheshire cats.

Don't know quite what to do with these, but I love them. Hope that you do too. Men in Hats:

If you would like a closer look at all these lovely men, go to


Feralone said...

Just a quick request re these incredibible fascinating sexy headshots: could you post a roster showing which ones are bald under the hats? Thank you, an interested lady

Sam said...

I have no idea - did not ask them to doff their hats.

Feralone said...

OK, I get it...after 5 days, I see this is a play on the theme "men in tights", something to do with Cary Elwes and Kevin Costner. So the issue here is that you can't have a slide show of men in tights because men in Eureka don't wear tights. I understand the plight. I have a suggestion (dropping note into cyber-suggestion box): snaps of men in tightie-whities showing under their baggy pants (over the wasteband). I would put this in poetic form (tight,white,plight,etc) but I haven't had my second cuppa.

Give me a chance, the day is young..