Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tag - I'm IT

It seems that I have been "blog-tagged" by my friend As the new "It" I am to come up with seven things that you - or most people - don't know about me and/or don't care bugger-all whether or not you do know. Here goes - prepare to be underwhelmed:

1. The one famous person that I have known is Scott Adams, creator of "Dilbert". We used to work together at a bank, and would create personalized cartoons and fake interoffice memos to send each other. Smart, cute, funny guy.

2. The worst job that I ever had was pitting peaches at a cannery. There was a continuous fall of peaches onto one end of a long moving belt, and as they passed by me I would grab a peach and slide it over the sharp curved blade at my station, the pit would drop into a trough, and I would place the two halves of the fruit back on the belt. And again, and again, and again...... I was 16, working with a group of very large, older Doukhobour women who would speak only to each other, and only in Russian, and look at me and laugh.

3. Also when I was a teenager, I was an excellent bowler. My folks owned the bowling alley, I learned to set pins, and bowled in an adult league. There is some ten pin bowling in Canada, but mostly five pins, which is more difficult. The alleys are the same, the pins are the same size, but the ball is solid, about six inches in diameter and held in the hand - no fingerholes. I once bowled a perfect game - over the end of one game and the beginning of the next.

4. I eloped to get married. The Reverend was in his pool when we went to see him, but he did agree to officiate. He climbed out of the water, threw on a blue bathrobe over his trunks, and performed the service barefoot and dripping on the concrete.

5. I have been in a Mexican whorehouse. Three young, stupid couples in one old car travelled to Nogales, Mexico. We had heard about Canal Street and had to go and see. We stopped to ask two men on the street for directions. They gave very long, strange looks at the three of us women in the back seat before telling the guys how to get there.

6. Two of those stupid young couples, plus one baby and one small dog, travelled from Arizona to California in our same little old car, pulling a trailer loaded with everything we owned. If we had owned a mattress, it would have been tied to the roof of the car. Except for a few hours sleep in the car overlooking the Grand Canyon, and frequent food and potty stops, we drove straight through - me, my husband, and my brother-in-law taking turns at the wheel - averaging 35 mph all the way. Eventually, I was the only one who stayed here, along with my daughter, who was born here.

7. I watched a space shuttle launch at Cape Kennedy. We weren't right up next to it, but thanks to a friend who worked for Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta, we were able to get closer than the average bear.

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