Monday, January 5, 2009

The Kiss of the Wind

This is my new "Olde Englishe Folke Ballade". Unfortunately, I can't sing it, because I wrote it out of my own range. Probably a good thing, after all.

On a bright summer morning the roses were blooming,
The trees in green dresses were dancing ‘round the lawn.
All the laughter of children, the birds all a-twitter,
Were stirred by the wind into sweet summer song.

Now the roses are gone, all the petals have fallen,
The trees are so bare that they shiver in the wind.
The last bird has said its goodbye in the autumn;
It waits with the sun to return in the spring

In the hush of the winter, I open my memories -
The babes in my arms learned to walk all alone.
They were mine for a moment; they laughed in the sunlight,
Then they ran with the wind to lives of their own.

Yes, my children, you’ve flown; all that’s left of your laughter
Goes whispering by me like ghosts in the wind.
I sing to the shadows that sit here beside me,
A sweet lullaby, and I hold you again.

And although we be parted, by death or by distance,
The wind will remember the song that I sing.
It will carry my music, my voice, and my blessing.
You’ll know I still love you by the kiss of the wind.

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